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Deadmau5 drops two nine-minute progressive house tracks

Deadmau5 has a knack for dabbling in different genres, but if there’s one area he truly excels in, it’s progressive house.

His latest SoundCloud uploads — which follow some experimentation in the hip-hop and midtempo realm — are a return to his classic progressive style, first displayed over seven years ago on tracks like “Faxing Berlin” and “Not Exactly.”

The two new songs, “gg” and “saved,” appear to be fully-fleshed out compositions, clocking in at around nine minutes each. The first track, “gg,” features a cyclic chord progression with a clean saw pluck that slowly grows over time. The arrangement is fairly stripped back, giving the chord stab room to breathe amidst the subdued percussion.

The second track, “saved,” is arguably the more compelling of the two. With two central arpeggios as its main feature, it piques one’s interest immediately and doesn’t let go. With some beautiful melodic development and a potent climax, it’s easily one of the better demos we’ve heard from deadmau5 lately.

As always with Zimmerman, no information has been provided as to a potential release date with the new material.

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