Deadmau5 releases continuation of ‘Carp,’ titled ‘What a save!’Deadmau5 Governors Ball 2015 Dancing Astronaut Andrew Spada 41

Deadmau5 releases continuation of ‘Carp,’ titled ‘What a save!’

Deadmau5 isn’t wasting any time. In the past two months, fresh cuts ‘00001,’ ‘00002,’ ‘ent_Hope_clk_thme,’ ‘ent_open_Alice_02,’ and ‘Carp’ have appeared on the kingpin’s SoundCloud page.

Only a few hours after gifting us with his latest upload, “Carp,” Zimmerman has posted what seems to be a continuation of the track. Completely devoid of vocals and following suit with the more ambient style he’s been favoring lately, ‘What a save!’ picks up right where ‘Carp’ left off. The kick drum and distorted bassline continue on for another two minutes while the track builds and then unexpectedly comes to an end.

As the consistent uploads of new music clips carries on, we grow more excited to hear details of Project Entropy and Zimmerman’s mau5hax tour.

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