‘Destination: Amsterdam’ examines the city’s reign over the international dance sceneAmsterdam Dance Event

‘Destination: Amsterdam’ examines the city’s reign over the international dance scene

Multiple factors came together in Amsterdam that led it to become the biggest global dance spot, and Bristol’s Crack Magazine explores them in their brief documentary Destination: Amsterdam. Its producers gathered influential members of the industry, including Seth Troxler, Thomas Martojo, and Mirik Milan, together during ADE to contribute their perspectives and memories of the city’s growth throughout the past couple decades. Topics covered spanned an array of issues, touching upon authorities embracing more progressive policies on permits and drugs, influential record shops and labels that cultivated the scene, ADE’s position as a leading platform for international dance music, and more.

A recurring topic within the documentary was the new generation of fans embracing this music in all its forms, and Amsterdam’s fostering of a safe and open environment for it. New policies have allowed the city to adapt to a vibrant night life scene, in turn reaping great benefits. However, despite booming popularity and an influx of internationals into the scene, the spirit and authenticity of Amsterdam remains steadfast.


via: Cracked Magazine


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