Electric Forest clarifies its alcohol policyElectric Forest

Electric Forest clarifies its alcohol policy

Widespread discontent ensued for Electric Forest attendees on Valentine’s day when an anonymous Redditor called attention to the festival’s strict no-outside alcohol policy and the following statement from festival organizers: “Per Michigan state law, any alcohol that is found during the search of your vehicle on entry must be confiscated. This applies to both the campgrounds and the festival venue.”

Commenters proposed multiple theories on the issue, ranging from the rule being enforced as a money-hounding strategy from Insomniac to the simpler notion that the festival is employing stricter rules to curb the possibility of deaths or hospitalizations during its run this June.

The controversy reached Electric Forest, who later issued an official statement on the festival’s official website and Facebook page clarifying that in fact, alcohol isn’t completely banned. Rather, “a reasonable amount of beer and wine” will be allowed for each festival-goer over 21 years of age, though glass and liquor will be prohibited. The statement also advised that alcohol would not be allowed inside the festival from the campgrounds, making the policy essentially identical to Coachella and most other camping festivals in the United States.

View the full statement below:

“HQ would like to clarify the confusion that surrounds the comments that surfaced over the weekend regarding the festival Alcohol Policy. We recognize that there was ambiguity in the policy that had been posted for the past few years. Please find clarification below. Our apology for any confusion that may have been inadvertently caused. Thank you to the Forest Family for bringing this to our attention. Please know that the festival experience will be similar to years past.

Here is the official policy that has been updated on the festival guidelines:

You must be 21+ to consume alcohol in the campgrounds. A reasonable amount of unopened beer and wine (limited to 1 case of beer and one box of wine per person), will be permitted to be brought onto your camping area. If, however, in the security’s judgment anyone in the vehicle is intoxicated, or the alcohol is open, then the organizers reserve the right to confiscate the alcohol. Kegs, glass, liquor, or vending of alcohol is not permitted in the campgrounds, and alcohol may not be brought from the campsites into the festival venue.”

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