This is what electronic music fans complained about 20 years ago (according to Reddit)FATBOY SLIM Big Beat Acid House Funky Breaks Trip Hop Rave Alternative Rock Concert Concerts F E1595520910394

This is what electronic music fans complained about 20 years ago (according to Reddit)

As electronic music becomes culturally ubiquitous, so too do complaints about the genre. Across the Internet, anonymous critics abound, and it only seems to have gotten worse lately. Often, such complaints close out with a fond nostalgia, calling back to the “good old days.” This then begs the question: what kinds of things did electronic music fans gripe about 15-20 years ago?

It turns out, not much has really changed. One Reddit thread in particular dared to inquire about the history of negativity within our beloved genre, and thankfully, Reddit user Glitchwerks was on hand to compile this thoughtful (and accurate) list of both amusing and spot-on quips, reproduced below:

  • Front 242 isn’t industrial music.
  • House music is gay.
  • Techno is gay.
  • Techno is just a fad, when it dies down everything will go back to industrial.
  • Breakbeat hardcore is stupid music.
  • Warp’s Artifiicial Intelligence series is just bland techno.
  • Happy hardcore and gabber suck.
  • “Intelligent Dance Music” is a stupid term.
  • Moby sucks and is a sell out.
  • Jungle is stupid music.
  • “Superstar” DJ Keoki is a massive jerk, can’t mix, and passed out behind the decks because he did so many drugs.
  • Nine Inch Nails isn’t industrial. Also, Trent Reznor sucks and is a sell out.
  • Vocals and MC’s in drum n bass suck.
  • Napster is killing music.
  • Basic Channel is boring and IDM is better.
  • Teebee hates Soulseek and is going to take a baseball bat to the knees of people who are leaking his dubplates.
  • Paul Oakenfold sucks and is a sell out.
  • Epic/uplifting trance sucks.
  • DJs who use Pioneer CDJs suck and have no skills.
  • These internet “netlabels” suck and are killing music.
  • Big beat sucks and Fat Boy Slim is a sell out.
  • Sasha sucks and is a sell out with a cocaine habit.
  • Daft Punk suck and are sell outs.
  • Tiesto sucks and is a sell out.
  • LTJ Bukem sucks and is a despicable label boss.
  • Vinyl is dying.
  • Industrial is dead.

While the omnipresence of complaints throughout electronic music culture may seem disheartening at times, it is important to note that such criticism isn’t unprecedented in this context. As the popularity of genres within music rise, so too do the discourses surrounding them naturally increase — positive and negative perspectives included.

Via: Reddit (r/electronic music)

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