Hamburg’s Golden Pudel Club caught fire over the weekendThere Was A Fire At Hamburgs Beloved Golden Pudel Club This Weekend Body Image 1455571939

Hamburg’s Golden Pudel Club caught fire over the weekend

Hamburg’s beloved Golden Pudel club was engulfed in flames over the weekend. There were 150 people inside at the time of the fire, but luckily, all were able to escape unharmed.

Reports from electronic music magazine Groove claim the fire is believed to be intentional by local police, but, no specifics regarding this claim have been released. As a result of the flames and water damage from extinguishing efforts, the club’s roof is now in danger of collapsing. RA broke the news earlier this month that Golden Pudel would be going up for auction in April due to a long-time dispute between owners Rocko Schamoni and Wolf Richter; meanwhile, the club responded with a statement on its website claiming they would “show their teeth” with aggressive plans to keep the club from closing, and its anti-establishment attitude alive.

Golden Pudel’s closure comes at a rather unfortunate time; the venue was set to host Detroit’s DJ Stingray, Joy Oribison, and Barnt, each in the coming weeks.

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Photo courtesy of Miguel Martinez/Flickr

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