Sebastian Ingrosso joins forces with LIOHN and Salvatore for ‘FLAGS!’Artworks 000147807990 Sra T

Sebastian Ingrosso joins forces with LIOHN and Salvatore for ‘FLAGS!’

It’s refreshing to see Sebastian Ingrosso back on his solo grind following the commercial project between himself and Axwell as Axwell Λ Ingrosso. His latest jam, “FLAGS!,” marks a collaboration with LIOHN and Salvatore, two upcoming artists out of Sweden, where Ingrosso has been spending a bulk of his time as of late.

Feeling out the trap genre, the three artists pump some bass into the uptempo track, and plop a vocal sample that is more than appropriate for the intensity of “FLAGS!”. This is not your typical trap track, however, with the Swedish influence dripping in from every angle.

Ultimately, the three artists manage to make the track work surprisingly well, and “FLAGS!” shows substantial hope for the future of Ingrosso’s solo projects, along with the forthcoming music from LIOHN and Salvatore.

Release Date: March 11

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