Jace Mek – Whales (Original Mix)Jace Mek Whales Art

Jace Mek – Whales (Original Mix)

Since it’s establishment just a few short months ago, Tchami’s Confession label has introduced an interesting vision for the future of future house. Aside from his own After Life EP, all of the releases on his imprint have pushed the envelope by diverging in some way from the prescribed notions of the genre. Eclectic output from ATICA, Malaa, and ANGELZ has ensured that Tchami’s trajectory for his brand is continuously evolving, and evading monotony.

However, none of the label’s prior records denote how much Tchami intends to break the mold of his genre’s expectations quite like newcomer Jace Mek’s “Whales.” The track was reportedly passed on to Tchami by his close compatriot DJ Snake, whose endorsement of the 18-year old producer is unsurprising. Defined by formidable kicks and frenetically avian synthesis, “Whales” plays much like Snake’s own early releases. As both the label and producer continue to define their sounds, it will be interesting to note how they align through their respective evolutions.

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