KRNE crafts an impressive, dark statement with new eight-track EP ‘Debris’Cover

KRNE crafts an impressive, dark statement with new eight-track EP ‘Debris’

Oakland-based KRNE boasts a sound that can be found somewhere between the future and dark sides of breakbeat electronica. No matter the specific style, his productions always have that distinct crispness only achievable through blood, sweat, and tears.

KRNE’s new eight-track EP, Debris, shows just how wide his aural tastes and production prowess range. With a refined sense of musicality throughout, Debris keeps the listener guessing with each track while flowing from one section to another with the flawless precision of a classical composer. Dissonant chords, like those heard in parts of “Ascension,” resolve into smooth and sophisticated melodies as the tracks ebb and flow. Vocal samples ranging between the more classic trap style and the futuristic atmospheric, reverb-heavy chops lead into deceptively dark and deep textures, which creep up in tracks like “Shallow” and “War.”

Altogether, Debris is quite an impressive musical statement that leaves fans with a clear picture of what KRNE should sound like.

Two of the tracks, “On My Way ft. AIRWAV,” and “Ascension ft. exyle,” can be streamed below, and the entire EP is available as a free Bittorrent bundle.

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