Lady Gaga pays a stunning tribute to David Bowie at the GrammysLady Gaga Bowie Grammys Tribute Screenshot

Lady Gaga pays a stunning tribute to David Bowie at the Grammys

The global music community felt a ripple of sadness early on this year when beloved Starman, David Bowie, suddenly passed away. Mourners came from all corners of the world and every generation, including many of the creative minds leading today’s artistic movements. Bowie’s influence has proven to be an omnipresent force in today’s musical landscape, and this year’s Grammy Awards were the perfect platform to pay rightful homage to the Ziggy Stardust creator. And who would be more fitting to perform such an honor than Lady Gaga, one of the millennial generation’s closest emulations to David Bowie?

Donning every bit of the Starman’s famed glitz and glamour, Gaga’s tribute begins with a projection of her face morphing to the score of “Space Oddity.” From there, she races to a hydraulic piano before lacing together an awe-inspiring medley of Bowie’s biggest selections. From “Let’s Dance” to “Rebel Rebel” and “Fashion” Lady Gaga channels everything she’s got into her tribute performance. Nile Rodgers, who also produced Bowie’s Let’s Dance, joins Gaga for a guitar-assisted, chill-inducing finale, already marking one of the year’s most important musical highlights.

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