Mat Zo’s sophomore album, ‘Self Assemble,’ gets official March release dateMat Zo

Mat Zo’s sophomore album, ‘Self Assemble,’ gets official March release date

To many fans’ dismay, Mat Zo‘s sophomore album, Self Assemble, has been pushed back to a March 25 release date as opposed to its original February unveiling.

One month ago, Zo shared a series of rejected demos that never ended up landing on his debut album, Damage Control. Ranging from screamo-inspired “Castrated” to the more dulcet “Supernova,” the panoply of samples may be a telling sign of what listeners can expect to see on his forthcoming project. As March 25 draws near, it is probable that Mat Zo will gradually quench our thirst with new music up until the album’s official release.

Not only has the British wunderkind busied himself in the studio as of late, but he also launched a new platform for music producers last month: The Producer’s Forum. Intended to be an online space for budding and established artists to offer each other advice, Mat Zo is hopeful that he will leave a mark on musicians of all shapes and sizes.

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