MitiS – Foundations Feat. Adara (Original Mix) [Free Download]Mitis Adara Foundations

MitiS – Foundations Feat. Adara (Original Mix) [Free Download]

In any artist’s creative workflow, there is always a delicate balancing act taking place. On the one hand, there is the compulsion to push the envelope and be as innovative as possible. On the other, there is the need to stay within a certain style that people know and love. With his latest single, “Foundations,” which is the first release off of his forthcoming EP of the same name, MitiS decided to reconnect with his passion for classical music while also bringing his long-time fans back to the style that first resonated with them.

 The single brings me back to when i really got into producing – just letting my mind and soul drift while writing music. Not worrying about what people think or anything like that. Just making music for me and having fun.

-Joseph Torre, aka MitiS

Featuring the talented vocalist Adara, “Foundations” is a rich piece of music that stands as testament to the fact that MitiS is a true artist, pouring his soul into everything he creates. Ahead of the March 1 release of the Foundations EP, the single is available now as a free download.

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