NGHTMRE – GET BACK [Free Download]

“GET BACK,” the latest track from NGHTMRE‘s self-titled EP, opens like a standard house track, with the customary four-on-the-floor kick drum and hi-hats on the upbeat. This serves as a misdirection, however, as the producer was looking to create a “high-energy break beat song that would still fit into a house live set!”

Anchored by a Ludacris sample from a track of the same name, the typical house trappings are quickly removed. A buzzy melody descends over a less rigid drum beat before transitioning into a wide-open half-time section, allowing his synths to breathe in reverb and hang over a lingering subbass. The track’s punch persists through each section and will prove to be an infectious curveball in NGHTMRE’s coming sets. You can download “GET BACK” and the rest of NGHTMRE’s debut EP on his SoundCloud.

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