OLWIK – Finally (feat. Joshua Swerin) [Free Download]Olwik Finally Joshua Swerin

OLWIK – Finally (feat. Joshua Swerin) [Free Download]

As dance music continues to bleed its way into the commercial spotlight, the lines between genres begin to blur and many producers continue to skew their sound towards radio-friendly moods. Sweden’s OLWIK recently inked a deal with Linc Music and released a massive progressive-pop single “Fight No More” alongside vocalist Terri B!.

Leaving only a few months of downtime in between his 2016 releases, OLWIK steps back into the public eye with a new original “Finally” with Joshua Swerin on lyric duties. Swerin’s commanding vocals guides the track’s introductory bars before the Swedish youngster hits the gas pedal and lets his melodic genius fly, blending bubbly vocal chops and sinuous guitar strums laced underneath.

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