Point Point step up with their own take on Kanye West’s ‘Flashing Lights’Point Point Fl Artwork

Point Point step up with their own take on Kanye West’s ‘Flashing Lights’

Don’t sleep on Point Point. You may have yet to hear much about the French production outfit, but the OWSLA-endorsed foursome have a lot to offer, and their latest piece may be the perfect point of entry for those who haven’t quite caught on. On the inaugural episode of OWSLA Radio, Beats 1’s newest selector Skrillex remarks, “leave it up to [these] Parisians to do something artful and banging at the same time,” and on their latest future-bass offering, “F+L,” that is exactly what they have done. Point Point’s latest track is born from Kanye West’s infamous 2007 Graduation hit “Flashing Lights,” but rather than employ the typical remix formula, Point Point opt to strip the original down to its raw elements and rebuild it as something completely different.

Holding close to the original mix’s dark, somber accents, Point Point take “Flashing Lights” orchestral lead and inject it with a wonky futuristic groove. Synth arrangements wind and wrap around the original’s still evident framework, while Point Point sub out all of Kanye’s now iconic versework for an unabridged electro jam that rounds together their taste and production style.

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