Watch This: Porter Robinson soundtracks the debut of a new space craftPorter Robinson Worlds 2

Watch This: Porter Robinson soundtracks the debut of a new space craft

Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic recently revealed their brand new passenger spacecraft, Virgin Space Ship Unity (VSSU), at the Mojave Air & Space Port. The brand new craft is the second iteration of the company’s SpaceShipTwo program, and was named by the great Stephen Hawking.

For the grand unveiling, Virgin Galactic selected none other than Porter Robinson’s “Sea of Voices” to soundtrack the ceremony. It’s a fitting choice — the lead single from Robinson’s debut album Worlds is easily his most cosmic creation to date, and never fails to inspire a sense of awe upon listening.

Tom Westray, Virgin Galactic’s Design and Brand Manager who selected the track, said, “I must have listened to over a thousand tracks, spanning the best part of a year to find the right music for the unveiling of our new Spaceship. ‘Sea of Voices’ fit not only the brief, but the brand perfectly.”

The official video for the ceremony features Stephen Hawking narrating the glorious moment to the subtle background of Robinson’s calming composition.

The Virgin Space Ship Unity will begin test flights now. The ship’s previous version crashed in 2014 during test flights, supposedly due to pilot error.

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