Rick Pier O’Neil – Black List (Original Mix)Black List Rick Pier ONeil

Rick Pier O’Neil – Black List (Original Mix)

When you begin to explore progressive’s harder, darker side, you’ll find Rick Pier O’Neil deep in the underground pioneering the sound’s evolution.The enigmatic Frenchman has been on a huge production streak as of late, unleashing a seemingly endless stream of releases that speak to his abilities in the studio.

Ahead of his upcoming EP on Vasilek, O’Neil presents us with “Black LIst,” a filthy, futuristic track filled with deliciously sinister energy that we’re used to hearing from the maven. A funky, pronounced bassline is a central element of the clip, played up by crisp synthesizers and foreboding note pairings occurring before each segment where kicks are introduced. Set to be a “threatening” sequel to the EP’s sister track “Red List,” our curiosity is piqued to hear the dichotomy between both pieces come their February 22 release date.




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