Serato’s new DJ app mixes your music for youSerato Pyro App 1

Serato’s new DJ app mixes your music for you

Serato has developed a new iOS app called Pyro that attempts to mix tracks together without any input from the user besides song choice and order.

Those of you who appreciate good mixing, don’t fret. According to its creators, the app was not developed to replace actual DJing, but is meant to provide a steady stream of background music.

Serato’s new DJ app mixes your music for youSerato Pyro App 1


The design of the UI and the usability of the app are solid. Creating and rearranging playlists on the fly is simple and intuitive. The technology, however, is not to the point where it will match up songs accurately every time. Every few songs, for instance, Pyro will mix the next song in an awkward spot or not have the beats synced up properly.

In the video where the designers and programmers talk about the technology behind the app, it becomes obvious that it’s no simple task to run studio-grade digital plugin technology through a smartphone. However, it feels like they didn’t account quite enough for the 16-measure structure of most modern pop and electronic music. This is not to say it doesn’t work as designed. As long as the tempos of the songs are somewhat close, the mixing will usually be smooth.

The real power of this app comes from the fact that it can be used with streaming providers like Spotify on top of the user’s personal music library. Just in case the user runs out of music to play, the app will go ahead and choose what to play next automatically, leaving no quiet time spent searching.

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