Skrillex and Vic Mensa take you to the heart of Tokyo for ‘No Chill’ music videoVic Mensa Skrille No Chill Screenshot

Skrillex and Vic Mensa take you to the heart of Tokyo for ‘No Chill’ music video

Vic Mensa recently joined Skrillex on his new Beats 1 OWSLA radio show. As Skrillex introduced their collaboration on the airwavesm Vic dropped this piece of knowledge about the underlying concept of “No Chill”:

“I think the idea of even having chill is a limitation put upon us that we gotta break free of, you know what I’m sayin’? Because chill is like holding back who you are so to have no chill, that’s being who you are.”

With that, the Chicago-bred rap phenom and Skrillex take you to Tokyo, perhaps the epicenter of the world’s ‘no chill’ mentality for the new music video to accompany their joint feature of the same name. By the creators’ own definition, having ‘no chill’ means showing unabashed pride in expressing who you are. Accordingly, the video is about bright artistry, bold creativity, and boundless imagination, so what better setting than Tokyo’s bustling underground to show the world the true meaning behind “No Chill?”

Grammy-nominated director Colin Tilley laces hypnotic clips of Sonny and Vic traversing vibrant Japanese counterculture with narrative accents, for an self-referentia new music video that screams the track’s title loudly and proudly. 

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