The soundtrack to original ‘Pokémon’ Gameboy series is now available on vinylPokevinylheader

The soundtrack to original ‘Pokémon’ Gameboy series is now available on vinyl

Here’s a bit of good news for anyone who liked Pokémon before it was cool. In celebration of the 20 year anniversary of the massively successful Gameboy series, Moonshake Records have produced the soundtrack to the original series for a limited edition vinyl release. Only 500 copies have been pressed, making the record (which retails at 49.95 at Turntable Lab) as rare as a Charizard trading card. Below are some choice cuts from the soundtrack, courtesy of Tech Times:

“Trainer Battle”

“Rival Appears”

“Indigo Plateau”

This collector’s item is good news for all authentic Pokémon game holders, whether they be among the esteemed league of Red Version players, the den of Blue Version heathens, or the rubes who bought the Yellow Version.

Tracklist (H/T Mixmag):

Title Screen

Pallet Town Theme
Professor Oak
Professor Oak’s Laboratory
A Rival Appears
Road to Viridian City – Leaving Pallet Town
Battle! (Wild Pokemon)
Victory! (Wild Pokemon)
Viridian City Theme
A Trainer Appears (Girl Version)
Battle! (Trainer Battle)
Victory! (Trainer Battle)
Caves of Mt. Moon
Road to Cerulean City: Leaving Mt. Moon
Cerulean City Theme
Pokemon Gym
Road to Sea Cottage: Leaving Cerulean City
Jigglypuff’s Song
Vermilion City Theme
The S.S. Anne
Poke Flute
Road to Lavender Town: Leaving Vermilion City
Lavender Town Theme
A Trainer Appears (Boy Version)
Battle! (Gym Leader Battle)
Victory! (Gym Leader Battle)
Pokemon Tower
Celadon City Theme
Rocket Game Corner
A Trainer Appears (Bad Guy Version)
Rocket Hideout
Silph Co.
The Sea
Cinnabar Island Theme
Pokemon Mansion Theme
The Final Road
Final Battle! (Rival)
Hall of Fame
Ending Theme
Pokemon Theme

Via Tech Times.

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