Snapchat makes the leap to the traditional webSnapchat Flashy Features

Snapchat makes the leap to the traditional web

During this year’s Oscars, Snapchat unveiled its first delivery of content to the traditional web, using clips from the star-studded red carpet, acceptance speeches, and more. The company did not bother trying to surround the debut with pomp and buzz, yet its importance was not lost on many media experts, foreshadowing what will most likely become a growing role in innovative ad sales.

Digiday said the company wishes to leverage its user data to facilitate ad sales and target marketing specifically across its vast audience (which consists of at least 100 million daily users); its current ad targeting is limited to location and gender.

CNBC attributed Snapchat’s changes to a transitioning ad pricing structure. Snapchat, on the other hand, maintained it was simply a “diversification of its offerings,” as reported¬†by Billboard.

It’s not the first (and likely not the last) of the changes Snapchat has undergone since it first crept onto the mobile app scene. Nor is “snack-sized” video content likely to show any signs of diminishing in popularity and effectiveness across an audience of millennials with an ever-dwindling attention span.

Via: Billboard

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