ToneDen launches new ‘single link’ social media service FanlinksToneden Fanlink 1

ToneDen launches new ‘single link’ social media service Fanlinks

Breaking onto the social media marketing scene a couple years back, ToneDen was one of the pioneers of the “follow to download” era by providing musicians a simple way to trade their works for connections on social media. Since then, this innovation has been taken up by a multitude of sites. Although nowadays the market is quite crowded with similar services, ToneDen proves that it still has the capacity to come up with new standards of social media management with its newest feature, FanLinks. With some well-known artists already using it, you may be familiar with the accessibility FanLinks provides. This new feature gives artists the power to share a single link on their social media that directs their fans to whichever streaming or purchasing platform they use most frequently.

Alongside a streamlined experience for listeners, FanLinks also gives artists powerful insight tools to learn more about their audience. This includes providing valuable information such as how and when an audience consumes the content, which services they prefer, which sites they used to find the music, and where in the world they are listening from. Always one to require minimal setup, ToneDen makes creating a FanLinks as as easy as inputting a single Spotify or iTunes link, then customizing how it will be laid out and look when viewed from all of the major platforms.

Visit ToneDen for more info on the new service.

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