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Tundran – Still Afraid

Swedish duo Tundran have spent the past two years subtly popping on and off the radar, but it wasn’t until 2015 that we started to see consistent stops from the PRMD Music signees. Having been teased online some two years ago, the formal release of “Still Afraid” alongside the blissfully soulful “Last Drive” marks a welcome surge of original material from the act, adding to the momentum that remix duties for Avicii and debut single “Kimono” kickstarted back in 2015.

Accessible without the cheesy undertones, “Still Afraid” sounds like a retribution of electronic music with real instruments and a sense of soul otherwise lacking in the genre’s more retro sounds. It’s a less traditional take on the indie dance world that also opens up a more universal audience, offering a strong and potentially timeless embodiment of Tundran’s musical mantra for 2016.


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