Ukraine nightclub Closer has been accused of drug traffickingNyeguide Europe

Ukraine nightclub Closer has been accused of drug trafficking

Ukraine club Closer, a well-known Eastern European destination suited for house and techno aficionados, is facing heat by local authorities for alleged drug trafficking. The Kiev venue was caught several times in 2015 for storing small amounts of marijuana and amphetamines, resulting in Closer earning a reputation as a space that hosts drug trafficking and dealing. 

Now threatened to be shut down by local authorities, Closer has revealed their side of the story. Drugs, they claim, are not the problem but instead police corruption and the Soviet model of authority by which all must abide: “Never pay bribes to corrupted authorities’ is our rule,” Closer wrote on Facebook. “We do not want to support and encourage Soviet models of authority and believe that it is possible to go another way. That’s why the department decided to teach us and those who watch: ‘Look what can happen if you do not pay.'” 

Closer’s precarious future lies in the hands of their local and international supporters. The famed club’s closure would not only mean the loss of an underground hotspot, but the death of an essential component of Ukranian nightlife culture. Go here to learn more about supporting Closer.

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