Wolfgang Gartner offers up ‘Speed of Sound’ for freeWolfgang Gartner 10 Ways To Steal Home Plate

Wolfgang Gartner offers up ‘Speed of Sound’ for free

According to Wolfgang Gartner, if there was an ’11th way to steal home plate,’ his latest offering, “Speed of Sound” would be it. The electro-house veteran recently completed his full-circle comeback behind his new 10-track studio record, though the album purposely avoids most of the themes that Wolfgang had previously built his name upon. Gartner explains,

“To be honest I’d lost a little bit of faith in the scene because any time I released music, there were always those people that would say “‘This doesn’t sound like Wolfgang’s 5th or Undertaker. Go back to your roots!'”

After a short self-imposed exile from dance music, Wolfgang’s latest studio project highlighted his newly refreshed perspective on things, and as a show of appreciation to fans for such a positive reception of 10 Ways To Steal Home Plate, he’s doling out more music, this time totally free of charge

But…this time it was different. The reaction to 10 Ways has been amazing. You embraced the growth and change. You respected evolution. I am so proud of this album and I’m even more proud of my fans for allowing me to take chances and for being open minded and excited to hear different things. So I wanted to give back something”

“Speed of Sound” is reminiscent of a Wolf before the global EDM boom, and though the track didn’t make the album’s final cut, it would have fit the tracklist quite accurately. Thankfully though, Wolfgang is giving the 11th cut away to fans for free.

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