99 reasons to be excited that Ultra Music Festival is tomorrowUltra Miami 15

99 reasons to be excited that Ultra Music Festival is tomorrow

99 Reasons to be excited that Ultra Music Festival is tomorrow

As if you needed any more reasons to be excited for Ultra Music Festival, we’ve compiled 99 more to send your pre-festival anxiety through the roof.

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1. The formal reunion of Pendulum. Need we say more?

2. Drum ‘n’ bass on the main stage to close out the festival (Pendulum!)

3. A closing set from the Resistance stage from Maceo Plex

4. Comparing schedules with friends and bragging about why yours is superior.

5. The mysterious ‘Arcadia Landing Show’ on the Resistance stage

6. Swooning to Chet Faker’s “Talk is Cheap” on the live stage

7. Basking in the sun all day, only to realize you’ve been horribly sunburned

8. Enjoying those transient hours of twilight each day to the beautiful Miami skyline

9. Witnessing the main stage lighting rig for the first time at night

10. Catching both Sasha and Digweed at the same festival (foolishly hoping for a reunion)

11. Hugging a stranger.

12. Teaching the newbies about dance music and how to survive their first festival.

13. Learning about dance music from someone more knowledgeable than you.

14. Putting your new best friend’s number in your phone.

15. Seeing what makes the legends legendary.

16. Having way better stories than your friends who went to Cancun for Spring Break.

17. Praying the entire weekend your Airbnb host doesn’t realize you had 8 people instead of 4.

18. Being there for an only at Ultra moment.

19. Somehow finding your lost friends right when you’ve given up on looking.

20. Going from your Sunday afterparty to your Monday morning flight and NGAF.

21. Being the one guy at Bob Moses’ dinnertime set devouring a fresh, greasy turkey leg.

22. Rather than only having acces to DJ Mag top 100 winners, also being able to see a slew of RA # 1 DJs.

23. Getting crippling tinnitus at Destroid, but having no regrets.

24. Being privy to Harvard Bass’ dark music in the bright sun.

25. Experiencing a smorgasbord of genres at the eclectically booked Worldwide Stage.

26. Debating ferociously whether Miike Snow or Galantis had the better set.

27. Introducing your friends to Carl Cox and Friends’ Arena.

28. Entering the weekend’s first dusk with Joris Voorn.

29. Harassing your palest friend for his or her 3-day old sunburn while at SNBRN.

30. Chain-smoking at The Chainsmokers.

31. The festival’s femme fatales: Mija, Nicole Moudaber, Alison Wonderland, and of course, Peaches.

32. Seeing veteran legends like Marco Carola and Black Coffee.

33. A Jauz set that will rock the Worldwide Stage for the second year in a row.

34. Pasties. Lots of Pasties.

35. A new and improved Carl Cox & Friends Arena.

36. Not sleeping Friday and having Ultra be the after-after party Saturday afternoon.

37. Getting those IDs IDed by your friends at Dancing Astronaut.

38. Making friends and enemies in the portapotty line

39. Stage 7 finally receieving a serious lineup

40. Facing the hardest decision you’ll make all weekend: whether to see Miike Snow, Martin Garrix, or Jamie Jones to close out Day 1.

41. Getting down to Wiwek’s jungle terror.

42. Tycho to Caribou to Chet Faker on the live stage? Yes please!

43. This crazy A State of Trance stage preview.

44. Seeing Crystal Castles back in action.

45. OWSLA’s full takeover of UMF Radio on Saturday

46. Consecutive sets from Snails, Jauz, and Alison Wonderland on the same stage.

47. Not missing an opportunity to see Skream (it’s 7 years of bad luck if you do)

48. Getting down to Unlike Pluto’s jazz-inspired remixes.

49. Telling your friends at home to watch for you on UMFTV.

50. The feeling of life-affirming independence as your friends go to the main stage and you walk opposite the masses.

51. Catching Carl Cox in his home venue before he retires

52. Taking a photo with the tree that the girl made-out with, while someone holds a totem of the tree-girl meme, at sunset.

53. Witnessing the peaceful coexistence of bros with snobs

54. Glitter seeping out of your pores as you sweat in the MIA sun, even if you haven’t touched any. It’s just in the air.

55. Hoping for a Sasha and Digweed reunion, and having a valid reason to document your hopes

56. Plenty of track IDs. You’ll be excited about music, again, for the first time in ~6 months.

57. The biggest tracks of 2016 will be determined, and played at every stage, in some form or another.

58. Real bathrooms. They’re located by the amphitheater. You’re welcome.

59. Security staff that can actually tell you what’s up.

60. Making new friends on all the lines. There is literally a line for everything, but everyone is dancing, in every line.

61. Losing your dignity and not caring

62. Trying to get the all-too-serious security guards to dance with you.

63. Running from one stage to the next so that you can catch every single act that you’ve penciled into your schedule.

64. Festing all day, clubbing all night.

65. Immersing yourself in the set that defines your Ultra experience.

66. Having a moment (or a few) that reminds you why you love dance music.

67. Your new profile picture at Ultra.

68. Looking back at photos and having zero recollection of what happened, except that you had the time of your life.

69. Having an excuse to live in the moment.

70. Watching the stage dancers instead of paying attention to the music.

71. Watching Nero and The Prodigy demolish the Live Stage Saturday night with vicious vigor.

72.Witnessing the stunts deadmau5 may pull opening for not one but 2 artists on the A State of Trance stage.

73. A closing set from the Resistance stage from Maceo Plex

74. Coming to terms with the fact that death’s sweet release may not be all that bad at Kygo’s sunset set.

75. Catching all 4 members of the Pardon My French crew in one weekend.

76. Taking a break from watching the visuals at the Worldwide stage to take in Miami’s cityscape at night.

77. Whatever madness the ‘OWSLA All Stars’ set will entail.

78. Achieving Genghis Khan-level carousal at Miike Snow’s headlining Live Stage set.

79. Watching “that guy” who refuses to believe that the festival ends an hour earlier on Sunday, no matter how many times the security guards tell him.

80. Whatever type of ratchetness will occur at a Peaches daytime performance.

81. Not knowing where you will end up next at any time.

82. Hanging out with your friends you haven’t seen in ages

83. When the fire on stage is so hot that you can actually feel the heat.

84. Experiencing Ultra mayhem for the first time

85. Hearing the sweet melodies of Martin Garrix live

86. Seeing a sunset with Tiesto

87. Jumping and clapping your hands because the DJ said so (or making a point to not in silent protest).

88. The Miami skyline towering over the festival grounds.

89. Playing “Name that flag.”

90. Preparing for that inevitably daily moment when things get ratchet.

91. Pregaming to last year’s aftermovie.

92. Not crying because it’s over, but smiling because it happened.

93. Pulling an all-nighter from the Sunday after parties right up until your flight on Monday morning.

94. Sitting across the aisle on the plane from someone who was at Ultra too and having a silent nod of approval.

95. The feeling of going through all those photos on Monday, and Tuesday, and Wednesday, and Thursday…

96. Actually going out of your way to hang out with that person you met at Ultra and becoming festival friends.

97. The blisters on the backs of your ankles that serve as proof you had a good time.

98. Framing your Ultra ticket and putting it up on your wall like a piece of artwork.

99. Walking out of the gates on Day 3 and already knowing you’ll be back next year.

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