Autograf – Future Soup EPAutograf Future Soup

Autograf – Future Soup EP

In the past couple years, Autograf has done a superb job solidifying their fashionably funky sound that combines some of the best aspects of future and tropical house, with some tech elements thrown in there for good measure. As their name suggests, they make music with the goal of leaving their mark on the world, and with their debut original EP Future Soup, they have done just that.

The title track, “Future Soup,” is an adventure into a world of smooth futuristic house, with Patrick Baker providing a strong, catchy vocal line. “Heartbeat” sets a more relaxed mood which continues into aptly-named “Slow Burn.” Picking the energy up a little with “Horizons,” the trio show off their technical side before “Ocean Glass” ends the EP on a tastefully calm note, bringing up strong imagery of relaxing on a beach, letting all of life’s stresses blow away on the breeze.

Autograf says that they created Future Soup as a complete body of work, rather than as individual songs, and the continuous flow goes to show how effective this creative strategy can be. With the additional aspect of live musicianship at their shows, there is no doubt that Autograf will leave a deep impression on many.

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