Baauer releases new ‘lyric video’ for ‘Kung Fu’ and teases new single through fortune cookiesBaauer Fortune Cookie Free Download

Baauer releases new ‘lyric video’ for ‘Kung Fu’ and teases new single through fortune cookies

Baauer has always had one foot in dance music culture and another foot in the hip-hop world with a constantly-evolving sound that is rooted in his deep attraction to sonic exploration and traveling the world. The latest offering from his impending Aa highlights the dichotomy  perfectly. Following up on the hard-knocking grime of Novelist and LeiKeli47’s “Day Ones,” Baauer linked up with G.O.O.D. Music executive Pusha T and Future on “Kung Fu,” the third single off his full-length debut. “Kung Fu” is a well-rounded summary of Baauer’s passions for both aforementioned genres, and now with the release of a new “lyric video” his fascination with the sounds of the world couldn’t be more evident.

The idea of a lyric video seems strange when examined through Baauer’s lens. The video features Pusha and Future’s versework and hook in Arabic, Chinese, and Russian, without a single english lyric on screen. The video cruises through a neon-clad urban maze, accompanied by Pusha and Future’s lyrics translated below.

Along with the new video, the LuckyMe proponent is rolling out the new single in a creative way, giving out fortune cookies to fans that contain free download codes to the newest offering from Aa. Fans close to New York’s esteemed Turntable Lab or London’s Goodhood clothing retailer can stop in for a fortune cookie that packs a little more punch than your neighborhood’s corner takeout joint, as the wait for Baauer’s debut record winds down to its final moments.

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