Bakermat releases two new tracks, ‘Ballade’ and ‘Gone’Bakermat Ballade

Bakermat releases two new tracks, ‘Ballade’ and ‘Gone’

It appears Bakermat has again collaborated with vocalist Marie Plassard on the release of his two new tracks, “Ballade” and “Gone.” Previously having worked together on “Games,” Plassard isn’t credited on these new releases, though her distinctive vocal delivery has given her away. More interestingly, Bakermat — a producer who eschews genre labels as much as possible — has managed to move out of his typical, house-based wheelhouse while maintaining and molding flourishes of his particular style into a new direction.

While all the disparate genres of house share the four-on-the-floor kick drum pattern, neither track makes use of it. “Ballade” breaks form  the most — there’s no kick drum of any kind and very minimal drums in general. Instead, Plassard’s vocals center the track, sang in reserved sweetness that seem in contradiction with the lyrical themes of being alone and seeking escape. Bakermat layers a minimalist piano line underneath that matches their idiosyncrasies. A dramatic drum fill would seem to indicate a coming energy boost as the track transitions to its chorus. Instead, restraint is used, as operatic vocal lines are introduced to increase drama while not straying far from Plassard’s reticent verses.

The second track, “Gone,” is less experimental than “Ballade,” though it too is far from standard house. Opting for a rolling half-time feel, Plassard makes no bones with her delivery, blatantly opting for a sultry yet ominous affectation that borders at times on a snarl. A simple drum pattern, rounded bass that sloughs its way through the form, and a delicately picked guitar line provide the foundation. A mournful trumpet line — ripped straight from a noir film — provides the final coup, delivering an unexpected twist that after hearing makes perfect sense.

Bakermat has never been afraid to pursue his own vision. A deep appreciation for various musical genres — most conspicuously jazz — and an able collaborator in Marie Plassard has allowed him to deliver very strong deviations from the typical house stylings that brought him to prominence. You can listen to “Ballade” and “Gone” below.

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