BlackGummy’s ‘Singularity’ EP presents an intriguing artistic vision [EP Review]Blackgummy Singularity

BlackGummy’s ‘Singularity’ EP presents an intriguing artistic vision [EP Review]

BlackGummy, real name Iman Marouf, made his debut on mau5trap’s fourth installment of the diverse ‘We Are Your Friends’ compilation series. The producer received what may be considered the modern gold standard for technical training, from renowned sound engineer Steve Duda and the prestigious Icon Collective production school in Southern California. His debut EP Singularity is named after its inspiration: the concept of the technological singularity, which holds that one day, artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence.

Like mau5trap itself, the four-track EP moves uninhibited from dark industrial to uplifting progressive, challenging the notion that producing one style necessitates ignoring the other. “The Machine” begins the EP’s journey with pounding low-end bass and crisp fills. The title and intermittent vocal samples reference the invention which was “a pivotal moment in our history and our first step in the path towards singularity.” The chord progressions of “Plucking Technology” will be familiar to those acquainted with label head deadmau5. “Alarm” is a slowly-unfurling exploration of melody and subtle percussion. The EP’s final track “The Unseen” brings BlackGummy’s showcase full circle, and builds around minimal synths and kicks.

The future of technology may not be clear in BlackGummy’s mind, but judging by the vision exhibited on Singularity, his own future with mau5trap looks very bright.

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