Boys Noize – Starchild (Feat. Poliça)Boys Noize Starchild

Boys Noize – Starchild (Feat. Poliça)

The notion that Boys Noize has had a prolific 2016 is a significant understatement; the perennially producing artist seems to never slow his output for any extended period of time. However, Alex Ridha has upped his own seemingly insurmountable ante over the last three months, both in the quantity of his releases and their implications. Earlier in March, Boys Noize released “Euphoria,” a cerebral-tapping collaboration with Remy Banks that saw Ridha explore uncharted territory. Stylistic similarities between the artwork of “Euphoria” and “Overthrow” seem to signify that the two distinctly different songs are part of a larger, unannounced project.

Ridha’s newest release further lends credence to the theory that he has something momentous looming in the woodwork. The artwork for “Starchild” continues his visual theme for the aforementioned tracks, but more importantly, veers substantially outside of Ridha’s musical wheelhouse. A collaboration with synthpop group Poliça, “Starchild” may well be one of the most awe-inspiring tracks in Boys Noize’s timeless catalogue. Alex Ridha reaffirms his status as an inimitably innovative artist by putting forth a piece of work that is simultaneously unrecognizable from his signature fare, but also inseparable from his artistic fundaments.

Through deft composition, Boys Noize manages to conceive a song that is as harrowing as “Overthrow,” but as soothing as his remix of The Chemical Brothers’ “Swoon.” Alongside Poliça’s mellifluous instrumentation and Channy Leanagh’s sultry vocals, Ridha purveys a complex percussive arrangement and haunting, yet understated synthesis to evoke a full spectrum of emotion from his listeners. Summarily stunning, “Starchild” sets a new precedent for Boys Noize’s ability to outdo himself, and steepens anticipation for whatever is on the horizon.

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