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Watch This: Diplo discusses groundbreaking Cuba show with Charlie Rose

Over 400,000 young Cubans flocked to Havana’s shore over the weekend near the newly established U.S. Embassy to celebrate an impactful moment for music, welcoming the first American dance act to ever play on the island, Major Lazer. “President Obama will make history later this month when he travels to Cuba. Days later, the Rolling Stones will be there. But Diplo started the party early, and what a party it was,” declared Charlie Rose, opening his latest interview with the Major Lazer frontman.

Diplo explains to Charlie the gravity of the Havana show and the pressure they felt to put on such a special performance. Describing their Havana appearance as one of the most important shows of his life, Diplo goes on to describe his hunger to constantly create new, fresh music.

Performing in front of nearly a half a million young Cubans being exposed to their very first tastes of American pop culture is a poignant setting for the show. Diplo delves into his desire to make a “revolutionary sound,” as Major Lazer continues to dominate airplay and streaming charts across the world.

Rose remarks over footage of the show: “There is a sense that somehow this is an important time for these young Cubans for them to feel connected to the world, not isolated.” As Cuba begins to face a number of inevitable changes, Major Lazer was there to embrace the beginning of that change and give the country’s younger demographic something that can truly be theirs for the very first time.

Diplo and crew have effectively opened the floodgates to this momentous cultural shift in Cuba. As the country becomes the newest uncharted territory for American acts to explore, surely Major Lazer is just the beginning.

Via: CBS News

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