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DA Premiere: Check out the official video for Alizzz’s ‘Your Love’

Barcelona-based producer Alizzz recently partnered with production collective-turned-label Moving Castle for the release of his Your Love EP — his first EP release since Sunshine in March 2014. The official video for the title track transports us to the forested setting of the narrative’s love story under siege. Shimmering synths and British pop singer Max Marshall’s vocals mirror the airy expansiveness and frenetic interludes in the video’s action.

“My goal was to produce mainstream hits going through my odd personal filter,” Alizzz explains about the track and his forthcoming EP, “keeping a future oriented perspective and, of course, never forgetting my trademark epic vibe. I was very concerned about only using new sounds so the tracks had a refreshing feel to them. I don’t want to stick on a genre or sound, I want to keep evolving forever.”

EP available now on iTunes and Spotify.

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