David August reveals exquisite new track ‘J.B.Y.,’ his first solo work since 2014David August J.B.Y

David August reveals exquisite new track ‘J.B.Y.,’ his first solo work since 2014

After releasing title track “Epikur” in early 2014 (which went on to become one of the most played songs that year), David August took a step back from producing solo material. Although lengthy, this hiatus was more than worth the wait, as is evident by his new original, the brilliantly methodic and emotive “J.B.Y.”

As delicate and mystical as it is gritty and rather estranged, “J.B.Y.,” is remarkably evocative of the haunting sound that Thom Yorke instills in so much of his work. Taking great care to put his classical education to use, August has created a musical work of art by layering the track’s downtempo, soothing melody against unexpected, jarring arpeggios. Just when you think it has come to an end, a gentle inhale penetrates the silence and the song picks up for one final minute of fluttering piano keys that act as a welcome compliment to the eerie, futuristic chords tumbling in the background.

Making its debut via Ninja Tune’s Counter Records, “J.B.Y.” is the first of two tracks coming from August this month. The second, “Ouvert,” is slated for a digital release at the end of March.

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