The Discogs app for vinyl collectors is finally hereDiscogs

The Discogs app for vinyl collectors is finally here

We’ve all been there — five minutes until close at the record store trying fretfully to decide if it’s LA 1×3 or LA 3×3 that will complete a pristine Flying Lotus record collection. Fret no more, friends, the Discogs app is finally here to help vinyl lovers get their stuff together.

Considering millenials accounted for more than half the records sold last year, it came as no surprise when Discogs announced development of a mobile interface last fall. After much ado and beta testing, the beloved vinyl marketplace is finally available in app form for iOS users with an Android version in the works.

The already accessible Discogs platform has been simplified and equipped with neat bonus features. Users can scan barcodes with their camera to add titles to a wish list or peruse the marketplace for pricing info, though it’s not yet equipped for buying or selling. Users can also cross reference and manage their personal collections digitally– helpful for the Dave Haslam‘s or J. Phlip‘s among us.

Though the app is officially out of beta, all future adjustments will be centered around user feedback and focus on increasing functionality for regulars. As per their website, Discogs have promised to “actively monitor” feedback and suggestions for improvement.

The app release comes on the tail of news that last year’s vinyl sales were the highest since 1989, with Discogs reporting 6.6 million copies sold through their marketplace alone. It’s no secret that vinyl has seen a major resurgence in recent years. Nearly every hip cafe owner has dragged out their battered old turntables and faded Portishead albums seeking the nirvana of nuanced sound. With new technology in development to accommodate the boom and improve sound quality, even big room producers are jumping (back) on the vinyl bandwagon. Let the virtual crate-digging begin!

The Discogs app is available for free download starting February 29 on the app store.

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