Dropout – Hollywood Horror (Original Mix)Dropout Hollywood Horror

Dropout – Hollywood Horror (Original Mix)

Dropout is back again with their fourth original single, “Hollywood Horror,” which induces a melancholic, edgy sensation that borders on creepy at times. The track brings back many of the sound design elements that have become keystones of their characteristic sound, such as the substantive lead and hard-hitting bass stabs in the drop. Where the duo breaks new ground is the overall eerie vibe that leaves the listener a bit uneasy, giving credence to the title.

The lyrics speak about sacrificing one’s integrity and morals in order to garner fame and fortune. While not the normal premise for a horror film, those who have experienced what show business can do to a person know how scary it can be to see someone change so drastically. Regarding the track, the duo says, “Hopefully ‘Hollywood Horror’ will be a wake-up call to the people on the precipice of giving up their identity. Stay true to who you are.”

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