Brett Johnson gets jackin’ on Edible, talks new ‘Snack Attack’ EPBJ3

Brett Johnson gets jackin’ on Edible, talks new ‘Snack Attack’ EP

Edible Music is the new king-sized house imprint brought to you by fun-loving Bristolian mega-producers Eats Everything and Nick Harris from NRK. Only three releases deep, Edible has sidled up to the buffet line with a big and juicy helping of style all their own — playful in its sound, but serious about the music. Nick Harris sat down with legendary jackin’ house producer Brett Johnson ahead of his Snack Attack EP to chat about the current state of house, moving to Berlin, and of course, munchies. Read their chat and check the premiere of “Noisy Neighbors” from Brett’s new EP below.

NH: When you get a snack attack or the midnight munchies, what do you reach for in the Brett Johnson larder?

BJ: I am an equal opportunity snacker. Sometimes it’s cereal, others times it’s chips and homemade salsa or pancakes. The point is, if you don’t get on top of the munchies, the munchies get on top of you.

NH: Who would be your 5 guests at the Brett Johnson Dinner & Dine event?

BJ: Neil Degrasse Tyson, David Cross, Snoop Dog, Timothy Leary and Bob Marley.

NH: How is life in Berlin? Are you settled? And why the move from the States to Europe? You missed out of the EDM bubble back home! (laughs)

BJ: For many years I have been traveling from the US to UK/Europe. After having a family it became obvious it was time for a change. Moving the wife and two kids to Berlin has been an adventure to say the least. It took everyone some time to adjust to German culture but we are settled now and having a great time discovering the city, swimming in the most beautiful lakes in the Summer time, and sledding on snowy Winter days. I love how innocent and simple life is here in Berlin. There is a real sense of freedom here. I can express my creativity in any way that comes naturally without feeling like I am going to be judged or criticized. Berlin is a truly inspiring place filled with people vibrating at every frequency imaginable. I love this city.

NH: As an artist , I’ve always linked you in with Chicago, most probably due to your connections to Derrick Carter and your release(s) on Classic, but your discography has been very widespread across other US labels and European labels. How important has the Windy City been to you and your music career?

BJ: Between the old mix tapes, radio shows and DJs I’ve had the pleasure of hearing over the years, Chicago has had a huge influence on me. I’ve always really identified with the more heavy handed style of Chicago DJs. DJs who take lots of risks both in terms of technique and selections. It was Chicago DJs who taught me to Juxtapose music that normally don’t go together into a exciting and cohesive moment.

NH: So you’ve landed on Edible at a really encouraging time for house music, with some killer tracks from Snack Attack already creating some buzz. Being an old timer like myself, how are you adjusting to this new wave of house music, both in terms of the music being made and also the business model?

BJ: Technology has been a big game changer. Now that pretty much anyone can produce a song, artists have to work harder to get the exposure they and their music need. Personally I miss the old days when the focus was more about the music. Artists now have to divide their time between social media marketing and other tasks. On the other side, we have people who have little creative talent who are great and selling themselves, using short cuts to get where usually you had to pay dues to get. This has upset the balance of things and now we have people playing for hundreds and sometimes thousands of people, who have no real light to share, only pre-bought, pre-programmed mediocrity. In the end, all these short cuts, ghosts writers and deceptions will dilute our scene. Thankfully, there will always be many talented people making and playing music, you just have to search harder to find them.

NH: What else you got on the (dinner) table, aside from your Edible EP?

BJ: It’s going to be a very busy year for me. Aside from our Edible release I’m also releasing records on the labels Holic Trax, Giant, Audiophile Deep, State Of Flow, Good For You, Raw Wax and Cuttin Headz, the Martinez Brother’s label…of course my Edible follow up also!

NH: Can you make a cocktail?

BJ: I can make a mean margarita, they teach you how in school where I grew up.

Listen below to the premiere of “Noisy Neighbors”, a rollicking house cut from Brett Johnson’s Snack Attack EP, out March 18.

Get munching on Snack Attack over at Juno.

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