Flash Factory: A club uniting all pockets of New York City nightlifeFLASHFACTORY6

Flash Factory: A club uniting all pockets of New York City nightlife

Where many clubs, and party series have failed, Flash Factory succeeds. The new Manhattan club seamlessly blends past, present, and future club culture together in a way that hasn’t been visible in New York City nightlife since the days of Limelight.

While many of those involved in the nightlife industry, and the greater New York City creative landscape, have moved to Brooklyn, the founders of Flash Factory are determined to bring the roots of club culture back to Manhattan. Best known for their ultra-exclusive, clubhouse style outpost Provocateur, Michael Satsky and Brian Gefter have transformed a nearly 10,000sqft space in Chelsea, with the aim of bringing underground techno and experimental electronic music to the masses.

The space has undergone a more than $7 million dollar renovation over the course of five years, according to the New York Times. Satsky and Gefter took inspiration from 1990s New York City clubs, as well as venues located in Ibiza, London, and Washington, DC. The result is a spectacular, well-lit masterpiece that preserves Chelsea charm while offering all of the modern amenities we expect from Manhattan nightlife (running water, bathroom attendants, helpful staff, as compared to outlaw warehouse parties with portable bathrooms in Brooklyn).

Flash Factory: A club uniting all pockets of New York City nightlifeFLASHFACTORY7


Last weekend featured an extended set from Bronx house duo The Martinez Brothers. The Brothers have long been a New York City nightlife staple, and create music that is a perfect bridge from the past to future; the crowd they attract is proof of this. Dancing together as a large single organism, we witnessed traditional club kids who throw balls (vogue battles), queer kids who dress to impress, the all-american bro types, and the bottles and models crowd teetering in high heels, and those just looking to have a good time, all bouncing rhythmically in unison. In a fractured landscape of New York City nightlife, Flash Factory stands as a symbol of unity.

Pro tips: Arrive early, and purchase a ticket ahead of time. Similar to its sibling Provocateur, even if you’re on a guest list, it is all about who’s list you’re on and who you know working that night to move you through the line quickly. Be prepared to wait at least an hour or two outside if you arrive around midnight for a stacked lineup.

Photo credit: Jon Sevik

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