Four Tet – Evening Side (Oneohtrix Point Never Edit)Four Tet Evening Side Onehtri Point Never

Four Tet – Evening Side (Oneohtrix Point Never Edit)

Less than a month ago, Four Tet performed a breathtaking Boiler Room set, during which he premiered his nearly one-hour long, experimental remix of Oneohtrix Point Never’s “Sticky Drama.” The latest collaboration between these two melodic powerhouses, sees their previous roles reversed as Oneohtrix Point Never takes on Four Tet’s “Evening Side” in a twinkling new edit.

Originally shared as part of Four Tet’s set, the four-minute edit is just that – an edit – as it impressively whittles down almost 16 minutes from the original track. What Oneohtrix Point Never’s edit may be missing purely in length; however, it resoundingly makes up for in breadth. In his edit, Lopatin supplements the original with a layer of murmuring instrumental cuts, keeps the percolating beat grounded throughout, sprinkling in some warming vocal samples to create altogether stunning soundscape.

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