GTA unleash long-awaited JWLS IS BORED project with exclusive Hollywood affair

Deep down in the subterranean world of trap music, where live debuts are demanded until release and no ID goes missed, GTA has been building the largest queue. As far back as 2012, tracks have been surfacing under the umbrella known as JWLS IS BORED. It all began with GTA member Julio Mejia (JWLS) experimenting with sounds and teasing unfinished concept tracks during down time (IS BORED).

Over the course of the past four years, these ideas have become unofficial theme songs for day one GTA fans. Trap music loyalists have long salivated over potential official releases of songs then known as “Lobster Beat,” “Gold,” “JWLS is High” and more — patiently (or impatiently) lining up like Oliver Twist begging for his bowl of gruel.


Fast forward to March 2016, and the wait has finally paid off — GTA not only finished, finessed and freed JWLS IS BORED, but they did so in grand fashion to reward the die hards who brought it to fruition. On Wednesday, March 9, GTA invited 200 fans to join them in celebrating the release at Hollywood’s Adults Only — packing the venue to capacity and premiering the provocative new mixes to a JWLS-hungry legion.

By 11PM the venue was at capacity, and Kenny Beats was on warm-up with a hip-hop heavy set. Moving through what seemed to consist entirely of anthems from Future and Young Thug, the LOUDPVCK member set the tone for GTA’s rambunctious mixtape debut. A large screen spanned the wall opposite the DJ booth, displaying a time-lapse of Julio in an apartment by his lonesome, pacing around, playing video games, taking the occasional bowl hit, and repeating — basically, JWLS being bored.


Matt and Julio took control precisely at midnight and got straight into the main attraction. The tune known as “Birdland” got things going with a championship, victory lap feel reminiscent of a “Trophies” and the slowed-down, hip-hop influenced “Drift Boi” and “Someday” followed with a chopped and screwed energy.

Swinging back upwards, the mastered version of “DumbBell” lead towards the JWLS IS BORED flip of Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” and GTA soon got into a marathon of their most anticipated records. Back to back, to back, the duo delivered on the (finally) finished versions of “G O L D” (which now features Rich The Kid), “Lobster Beat” and “JWLS is High.”


Winding down on the premiere with “9GOD” and an outro also known as “Dilla Flip,” GTA went from straight from JIB to their usual antics, weaving through high-octane drops and utilizing cuts from Kanye West’s “The Life of Pablo” (“Feedback” into “Fade” worked wonders), and dishing out original records in between spontaneous drops. By the end of the night, 200 or so fans had been treated to an event that couldn’t be replicated

Considering the four years that’d gone into the music being premiered and the dedication of the fans in attendance, the JWLS IS BORED Hollywood affair was perhaps the most unique, intimate moment of GTA’s career. And, only hours later, they finally, finally released JWLS IS BORED, a true gift to fans that should satisfy their cravings before GTA’s debut studio album drops later this year.

Listen to GTA’s minimix below and download JWLS IS BORED for yourself here.





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