Hermes shows off his versatility in debut EP, ‘Mixed Emotions’Hermes Mied Emotions Ep

Hermes shows off his versatility in debut EP, ‘Mixed Emotions’

When an artist constructs an EP, it is common for there to be some versatility across the piece. Los Angeles-based producer Hermes is new to the dance music scene, and for his project’s introduction, the newcomer has decided to show off his flexibility across a plethora of genres with his debut EP, Mixed Emotions.

The EP’s opening track, “Mixed Emotions,” serves as an aesthetic appetizer for listeners. Before heading into the meat of the EP, Hermes constructs an ethereal atmosphere through his use of fluttering tones, dazzling chords, and a hazy top line, in a fleeting running time of less than a minute. The following two tracks, “Hearts on Fire” and “Silhouette,” showcase Hermes’ skills in the progressive house sphere, and both feature vocalist Vivian Punk. “Hearts on Fire” is an uplifting, synth-driven masterpiece made for the main stage, while “Silhouette” balances deep house and big room moods with bouncing piano chords.

In “Stay,” Hermes exhibits his affinity for commercial pop by constructing a synthesis of ear-catching vocal chops and playful melodies perfectly suited for radio waves. The final track, “Muevelo,” is where the producer flips the script and heads into the Major Lazer territory, blending bold reggae and dance inspirations. Overall, Hermes comes out of the gates with a stellar debut piece that opens up a wide variety of avenues down which he can take his promising project in the future.

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