Jack Ü teases Florence Welch collaborationJacku Finals 81

Jack Ü teases Florence Welch collaboration

The Jack Ü collaboration machine is up and running again. Everywhere Diplo and Skrillex touch down, there’s new work to be done. While the pair were in Buenos Aires headlining Argentina’s Lollapalooza installment, it seems as though the supergroup zeroed in on their next marquee collaboration, a new track in the works with Florence Welch known so far as “Constellation.” Snapchat videos catch Skrillex and Diplo in their element, famously using their hotel room as a production incubator, experimenting with Welch’s vocals while Die Antwoord‘s Ninja doodles on the bed.

The preview is quick, though it catches boisterous Jack Ü percussion swelling behind what is sure to be an anthemic topline from Welch. In 2014, Justin Bieber fatefully approached Skrillex and Diplo with the “Where Are Ü Now” vocals ready to go, and the result was a Grammy-winning hit. History may have just repeated itself with Florence + The Machine in South America, so expect another sweeping hit on the horizon with “Constellation.”

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