Joachim Pastor – Joda (Worakls Remix)Joda Worakls Remi

Joachim Pastor – Joda (Worakls Remix)

Worakls made a name for himself at the start of 2015 when Pete Tong began using his poignantly euphoric clip “Adagio For Square” in many of his sets. He soon became notorious for his carefully-composed house pieces filled with orchestral elements and melodies that never seem to fail at striking a deep emotive chord.

The Frenchman taps into this vein for his latest re-work of his Hungry Music labelmate Joachim Pastor’s piece “Joda.” Aside from the original’s base melody, Worakls works a complete transformation on it, turning it from a mellow trap work into the brand of house he’s become known for. Pianos and haunting vocal samples line the track’s downtempo kicks, gently giving way to the most moving part of the song: a melancholic violin solo during the second breakdown that shatters the heart into pieces. His powerful rendition of “Joda” comes out as part of a celebration of Hungry Music’s favorite releases.



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