Jukely adds long-awaited Standby featureJukely Unlimited Concerts Subscription Service

Jukely adds long-awaited Standby feature

Jukely has filled a much-needed voice in the concert ticketing industry, offering a monthly subscription service for unlimited shows in one’s area. Now the popular ticketing service has launched what they’ve described as their most requested feature to date: Standby. Essentially, the new feature allows you to place your name on a waiting list for any sold-out show on the app. As Jukely members drop out from the concert, your name become higher in the queue until you eventually secure a ticket.

“Standby has been our most-requested feature since the earliest iteration of the service: the ability to place yourself on a rolling waitlist to a high-demand show and receive a notification when a spot becomes available,” says Chris Muccioli, Head of Product at Jukely. “We’re excited to roll it out and hope it makes getting into shows even easier for our members.”

It’s a logical step for the platform, and one that is sure to improve Jukely’s innovative ticketing service.

Jukely adds long-awaited Standby featureJukely