Kidnap Kid Feat. Leo Stannard – Moments (Acoustic Live Version)Kidnap Kid Press

Kidnap Kid Feat. Leo Stannard – Moments (Acoustic Live Version)

Kidnap Kid is currently stepping outside of the comfort zones of electronic music in a very appealing way. The Moments EP for his own Birds That Fly imprint played testament to this development in a big way, but there are more surprises from the Black Butter hopeful-turned-UK envelope-pusher afoot.

Recorded live at Red Bull Studios in London, Kidnap Kid calls on a subtle collection of strings, keys and guitar for a haunting take on the Leo Stannard accompanied single ‘Moments.’ Stripping the track down to a form that showcases the track’s emotive core in a whole new light, the London talent shows off an intimate and immediately palatable side of his studio prowess which fans previously haven’t seen. It’s a liberating moment for electronic music and provides further evidence that there is more musical meat on the bone than that for which the genre is ever truly credited.

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