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Kygo releases Labrinth collaboration ‘Fragile’ off forthcoming LP

Kygo‘s astoundingly rapid rise to superstardom is perhaps the most meteoric in electronic music’s history. The Norwegian producer has achieved his widespread success so quickly by channeling the powers of King Midas – everything he touches seems to turn into tropical house gold. However, like Midas, Kygo has experienced the drawbacks of homogeneity, as he has faced quite a bit of criticism from listeners decrying his catalogue for lacking in variety.

Kygo’s latest release demonstrates that he may be planning to address this criticism in his forthcoming debut album, Cloud 9. “Fragile” sees the producer join forces with Labrinth to step outside of the beach. While the timpani tones that comprise much of Kygo’s body of work are indeed present in the song, they manifest themselves as a bolster in the background rather than a leading component. Rather, Kygo ventures to induce oxytocin amongst his listeners with droning guitar sweeps and crashing percussion as Labrinth croons melodically along a sedated tempo.”Fragile” is undeniably a pop song, but it deviates from Kygo’s standard design significantly enough that it may indicate further diversity to come from the artist within Cloud 9, which is objectively exciting.

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