Martin Garrix breeds speculation of Kygo collaborationMartin Garri Ultra Music Festival

Martin Garrix breeds speculation of Kygo collaboration

Those who follow Martin Garrix on Snapchat viewed an intriguing selfie on his account recently with Norway’s beloved tropical icon, Kygo. The picture depicted both wunderkinds smiling with a simple caption reading “Kygo X Garrix.”

The image, specifically the possibly foreshadowing “x” in the caption, immediately sparked widespread speculation of a possible collaboration between the two stars. Garrix has also recently announced his debut album, +X, dropping later in the year and reinforcing this new theory. A collaboration would certainly be interesting to hear considering their respective styles are vastly different — however this past Ultra revealed Garrix has been dipping his hand into other genres as of late through the premiering of 10 new IDs.

For now, all those hypothesizing the project can do is remain glued on each DJ’s social media accounts for further development.

Martin Garrix breeds speculation of Kygo collaborationMartin Garri Kygo


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