Mat Zo – Sinful (feat. I See MONSTAS)Soul Food Mat Zo

Mat Zo – Sinful (feat. I See MONSTAS)

Classic electronic tropes seem to be the centerpiece of Mat Zo’s sophomore album Self Assemble. Its leading single “Soul Food,” showcased retro electric guitar riffs guided by a house rhythm to conjure visions of a party in the 1980s. His free demo “Don’t Say The T Word” brought listeners back to the ’90s when trance was reaching its commercial peak.

Zo maintains these vintage aspects in Self Assemble’s second single “Sinful.” Guitar plays a primary role in the collaboration with I See MONSTAS, much like “Soul Food,” as carefree vocals float over a groovy topline and distorted synths. Future funk might me making headlines in EDM with artists like GRiZ and Big Gigantic purveying the sound, but Zo’s classically-influenced interpretation of the style allows a less bass-heavy, yet equally catchy alternative to what we’re used to hearing.

Self Assemble drops on March 25.


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