Max Cooper releases six-hour sets from London and Amsterdam [Free Download]Ma Cooper All Night Long London Art

Max Cooper releases six-hour sets from London and Amsterdam [Free Download]

London-based producer and DJ Max Cooper has established his proclivity for crafting mixes that are as enduring as they are eclectic. Cooper, who earned the number one spot on our “Top 10 Essential Mixes of 2015” list because of his perspicaciously-woven musical journey, has recently upped his ante for extensive mixing, by embarking on his accurately named “All Night Long” tour.

As a treat for fans who lack the means or stamina to attend one of his filibuster sets, Cooper has made set recordings from his London and Amsterdam stops on the tour available for download via his mailing list — both of which clock in at almost six hours in length. In his London set, which spans five hours and forty minutes, Cooper draws inspiration from a wildly diverse range of emotive spheres. The pHD-holding producer traverses from post-classical to techno, from electronica to drum and bass, and darts in a number of other directions in between these largely discrepant soundscapes.

Stream Cooper’s London set below, and download both sets here.

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