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New app ‘entr.’ aims to crowdsource entry to clubs

As electronic music continues to attract the attention of mainstream and underground club-goers alike, it has become a common occurrence for shows to sell out within mere minutes, or for eager attendees to arrive at a club only to be informed that it has reached capacity for the night. A new app, fittingly called entr., aims to relieve some of these clubbing tribulations by enabling users to circumvent the current guest list system at shows.

The app works by first separating users into two categories: “heroes” and “plus ones.” “Heroes” are those with an in, meaning they are either on the guest list for a club, or have a plus one up for grabs. Through entr. these coveted spots can then be listed for sale, allowing those without a ticket to still gain access.

Entr. will purportedly be available soon via the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Via Mixmag.

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